Open Skies for Handicapped HK 2023

Správce projektu Hradec Králové
Trvání 17. 6. 2023
Odpracované hodiny 7

Every year in Hradec Kralove a festival called "Open Skies for Handicapped" takes place. The festival brings an important message of inclusion and equality and opens people's eyes to better understand and appreciate diversity. Rotaract had the opportunity to participate in this amazing event this year in partnership with Guncentrum. The Open Skies for Handicapped Festival began in 2010 as a small event organized by a group of volunteers and organizations dedicated to supporting people with disabilities. Since then, it has become an annual tradition that has enjoyed growing interest and support from the local community and visitors from around the region. The Open Skies for the Handicapped Festival offers a diverse programme including: Artistic performances, workshops and educational lectures, various recreational activities, exhibits, technology demonstrations and more. Rotaract in cooperation with Guncentre provided shooting activities for the festival this year, where festival participants could try shooting airsoft guns, wind guns and there was also a small demonstration of sport archery. The main message of the festival "Open Skies for Handicapped" is to show that people with disabilities have their own talents, skills and beautiful view of the world. The inclusive and open environment of the festival reinforces the importance of cooperation and mutual respect between all people regardless of their abilities or limitations.