International Cuisine Project

Správce projektu Hradec Králové
Trvání 2. 12. 2022

International Cuisine Project - An Exchange Between Cultures

In an exciting partnership with the Yenikoy Rotaract Club, we embarked on a delightful culinary journey that transcended geographical boundaries. The essence of our project revolved around swapping recipes of traditional meals from our home countries and then whipping up the dish shared by the partner club.

This project was made with a dual objective - promoting cultural exchange among Rotaract Clubs from different corners of the globe, and simultaneously fostering a vibrant network among the participating clubs.

In our case, we shared the recipe of a classic Czech dish - the "yeasted fruit dumpling". The Yenikoy Rotaract Club enthusiastically took up the challenge!

In return, we connected into Turkish cuisine, baking delectable Semolina Cookies. The evening was an amalgamation of fun, camaraderie, and tantalizing flavors. Our endeavor was made all the more special with the active participation of Youth Exchange and Erasmus students, contributing significantly to the success of our project!