Saving X-mas 2022

Správce projektu Hradec Králové
Trvání 1. 10. 2022 - 24. 12. 2022

We have set up donation sites throughout the city to collect everything from school and sports equipment to Christmas toys. You could bring your gifts to the following places:

- City Hall

- University of Hradec Králové Building A, J, and E.

- Charles University - Faculty of Medicine in Šimkov, Educational Center

- Faculty of Military Health, University of Defense, and dormitories.

- ZUŠ Střezina

- SPŠ Stavební


RAC Hradec Králové and ESN Hradec Králové jointly organize a charity project for the benefit of the organization Děti v akci / Společně pro dětské domovy z.s. , which is a non-profit organization that has long sought to support children in children's homes in their sports and leisure activities. They care for more than 5,000 children across the country. In our country in the Hradec Králové region alone, there are almost 1,000 children, mostly around the age of 10.


Thanks to the good work of all volunteers, 100 kids found gorgeous presents under the Christmas tree.