Blood donation at FNHK

Správce projektu Hradec Králové
Trvání 8. 3. 2024 -
Odpracované hodiny 3

On International Women's Day, March 8, 2024, the spirit of giving was palpable in the crisp morning air as members of Rotaract Hradec Králové (RAC HK) and Erasmus Student Network Hradec Králové (ESN HK) came together for a noble cause: a blood donation drive at the Faculty Hospital Hradec Králové (FNHK).

Dedicated volunteers convened at the break of dawn, ready by 7 AM to roll up their sleeves and donate blood, a vital resource that saves lives every day. The drive not only commemorated a day of global celebration but also marked a local triumph of community service and solidarity.

RAC HK is very thankful to all those members who participated. The success of this blood donation drive is a reminder of the strength found in community collaboration and the remarkable difference that can be made through collective action.