Celebrating Earth 2024 Day with Community Cleanup

Správce projektu Hradec Králové
Trvání 22. 4. 2024 -
Odpracované hodiny 5

Rotaract Hradec Králové, in close partnership with Erasmus Student Network Hradec Králové (ESN HK) and Trash Hero Hradec Králové (TH HK), proudly carried forward its tradition of Earth Day stewardship through its third annual cleanup event. United by a commitment to sustainability and community welfare, volunteers gathered for a rewarding day of waste collection and camaraderie.

The day began with a targeted cleanup around the Faculty Hospital (FNHK) and University of Defense in Hradec Králové. Thanks to the spirited efforts of our volunteers, we reached a great achivement, collecting a commendable 65 kilograms of waste - a tangible testament to the collective power of community action. In a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for our nature, participants who collected the most waste were gifted with plants, turning their act of service into a lasting, green reminder of the day's environmental efforts.

With bags full and spirits high, the group then moved to Šimkovy sady, where the air was filled with the crackling sounds of roasting "špekáčky" (traditional Czech sausages) and the warmth of shared stories. The pleasant get-together was not just a celebration of the day's achievements but also an opportunity for the volunteers to bond, reflect, and foster a deeper connection with the environment and each other.

Our Earth Day event is more than just a cleanup; it's a statement of our resolve to care for our planet and a demonstration of the positive impact that comes from the synergy of like-minded organizations and individuals. We, Rotaract Hradec Králové, extend our heartfelt thanks to the ESN HK, TH HK, Municipality of Hradec Králové, Technical Services of Hradec Králové, and all the volunteers. Your unwavering support has made this event not only possible but also a profound success.

Together, we look forward to continuing this tradition of service and sustainability, striving for a cleaner, greener Earth with each passing year.