Indian Food Helps! 2020

Správce projektu Prague International
Trvání 19. 10. 2020 - 6. 12. 2020

Once again, we delivered wonderful Indian lunches to people around the city. The Curry House restaurant which has been voted the Best place in Prague for Indian Food prepares the delicisious lunches. With new dishes on the menu and no delivery charges, life tastes good. 

All the proceeds from this action go towards supporting primary schooling in rural Rajasthan. We buy equipment for the schools, exercise books and writing materials, school uniforms, hygiene kits and pay school fees for poor families. We also arrange health checks and basic treatment for children and mothers.

One lunch can enable us to buy 2 exercise books or a workbook and pencil. Five lunches can pay for the school fees of one child for a year. All proceeds are spent on the materials without deduction of any administration costs.