RC Bratislava Danube - Silver and Gold segment of the economy presentation by Martin Marko (18. 3. 2024, 18:00)

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Hotel Albrecht
Mudroňova 4237/82, Bratislava, 811 03


Martin Marko: Presentation about Silver and Gold segment (50years and older) - services for elderly are out of scope of any part of the economy and marketing


Presentation about Silver and Gold segment of the Economy 

Martin Marko founder of marketing communication agency AW Agency

Martin Marko spent the last three years trying to know who are the people 50-65 years old based on questionaires and other marketing tools and this segment of people is not in the focus of european economy, marketing and communication agencies in Europe. Size of this segment is 1,1M people in Slovakia. The aim is to serve its customers and other country's and economy's areas that could be interested in.

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supporting Ukraine

- Hollen, s.r.o. plans to donate additional 10k euro to support Ukraine. The support will be managed through its foundation supported also through a beneficial concert, currently all is under planning

- Stefan Peto informed about intention to continue supporting Ukraine 

supporting HOLIC Boxing club children

- Stefan Peto approached everyone if there is possibility to collect used computers to be given to 9 children from the Boxing Club in Holic. If there is no possibility to collect used computers, Stefan is approaching companies which have the chance to purchase computers for this purpose. Stefan's company will donate 3computers for about 300Euros (excl Tax)