RAC HK's Cooperation with Disaster Aid Europe (an organization founded as a project of RC PI)

15. 10. 2023 | Hradec Králové

Rotaract Club Hradec Králové (RAC HK) has forged a meaningful and impactful partnership with Disaster Aid Europe (DAE), a dedicated humanitarian organization founded as a project of the Rotary Club Prague International.

Through this collaboration, RAC HK actively contributes to disaster relief efforts and humanitarian projects across Europe. The club's involvement ranges from packing essential hygienic kits to preparing Community Response Vehicles loaded with medical and hygiene supplies, water filtration systems, and other technical equipment for deployment to regions in need.

This collaboration underscores the power of community engagement and volunteerism, showcasing RAC HK's commitment to making a positive difference during times of crisis. By working alongside DAE, RAC HK is not only assisting in disaster response but also participating in educational and training initiatives related to disaster relief, making an invaluable contribution to enhancing preparedness and resilience within their local community. This partnership exemplifies the spirit of service and solidarity within the Rotaract community and reinforces the positive impact it can have on disaster-affected areas in Europe and beyond.

To learn more about DAE, visit disasteraideurope.com!