VOTUM - návšteva hradu Červený Kameň

28. 6. 2014 | Bratislava International
Datum konání
28. 6. 2014

 Motto of this Trip is  .... Good mood and lot of fun... 

1. 9. 00 meeting the children in Devinska Nova Ves Istrijska street No. 6 seat of the VOTUM oz

2. let the children be our copilots in MUSTANG cars, driving direction Modra ...  ice cream stop at 10. 00 a.m.

3. lets continue our trip to the castle Cerveny Kamen where we will play the games, have a fun and enjoy the day

4. leaving the castle and stopping at Restaurant where we have  a lunch...  2 p.m.

5. comming back to Bratislava DNV at approx. 4 p.m.


 surprise of the day... drive on different veterans and last Shelby Ford Mustang - cars from Mustang club, 


Michal Balazik participated last year it was GREAT and we want to repeat it ...