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O klubu

Rotaract Club Danube during the past year has been continuingly following the path of social awareness, personal and professional growth as well as strengthening cooperation with other Rotaract clubs within and outside of our district. All together is being achieved also due to an increasing number of club members and with a strong supporting role from members of our sponsoring club, Rotary Club Danube.

Throughout the year, Rotaract Club Danube has one concurrent project next to the mentioned ones. One of our main goals for the past year is to gain new club members, who would be willing and able to become the new Rotaract Club Danube generation and retain within the path of social awareness and personal and professional growth. Since the beginning of identification of this goal, we were able to retain two strongly interested members.

Building the steps towards better future and putting large effort to minimize differences among people has been eased by members of Rotaract Club Danube since its charter in 2008.

Klubová vlajka
Klubová vlajka